4 Misconceptions about Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation surgery is the second most widely performed procedure across the world in the terms of both the number of surgeries conducted as well as popularity of the procedure. The success of breast enhancement has proved the importance of plastic surgeries at large as a lifestyle necessity. However, the breast enhancement surgeries and plastic surgeries are not considered as a part of mainstream medical science, yet they are highly successful.

The drawback of this is in the rise of several myths regarding the various mommy makeover Los Angeles cosmetic surgeries and breast augmentation surgery are no exception to this. In this article, we have shed a light on some of the myths regarding this surgery that nowhere seem to be true. Let us cast a glance at them.

1. Breast Implants Get Ruptured Easily
This is one of the biggest myths regarding breast enhancement. There are of course some cases where it has ruptured, but these are considered as extremely rare occurrences. All breast implants are tested in labs to check whether they can withstand to all sorts of daily activities or not.

2. Implants Require to be Replaced within 5 to 10 years
It must be noted that after plastic surgery in Beverly Hills , the replacement issue will never raise until you are uncomfortable or experiencing some other problem. In case of saline implants, the leakage problem may rise after a few years, although quite rarely, in which case a replacement becomes necessary.

3. No Breast Feeding
It is entirely untrue that those women who have breast augmentation surgeries cannot go for breast feeding. There are some extremely rare cases where breast feeding has become problematic. But a large number of women all over the world have been able to breast feed without any complications. For more facts and information regarding plastic surgery, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/about_4796764_long-term-effects-cosmetic-surgery.html .

4. Silicone Implants are Unsafe for Your Health
Going for silicone implant surgeries are most dangerous has been a hugely popular misconception. This is because silicone gel implant has not been approved by the national health authorities, and not all companies have approval to make silicone breast implants. This is incorrect. Today, silicone implants are generally the most effective and safer option. These got better than other gel implants especially after the introduction of cohesive silicone gel implants.

Breast augmentation is safe when done by a qualified and experienced surgeon. You should research well to find a good surgeon to carry out the procedure. The above are some of the popular misconceptions about breast augmentation.